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Lisbon, Portugal

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Nostr is a protocol that enables a censorship-resistant, global social network.

The challenge

To learn the Nostr protocol, to implement a Nostr Typescript library, on top of which to develop a Nostr web client, with the ultimate goal to have some fun and learn more browser tech.

You can preview the current release here:

All code, including:

  • Common, Node and Web library
  • Node client
  • React web client (with Zustant)

can be found at


I’m not big on social media, so I hardly ever use Nostr, but this has been a great experience nevertheless; It’s amazing what the browser can handle, if you know how-to offload stuff.

If you want to know more, I’ve written about Nostr here: Hello Nostr. You might also want to checkout the “official” Nostr Website - there you’ll also find loads more clients, for every platform under the sun.

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