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Tehran, Iran

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Khone Alman (translated: German House, Deutsches Haus) is a German restaurant and delivery service with a selection of tranditional German, Persian and International menu items.

The challenge

This website came with a number of challenges:

  • Easy online order with individual sides selection
  • No back-end: Transmission of order via Email
  • Referral system: Track referrals by other customers
  • Multi-currency: Pay in cash, wire transfer or loyalty points
  • Multilingual: English, German, Persian

Allow customers to easily order online. This includes individual wishes such as different sides, sauces and even the style of cooking (rare, medium, well-done).

Preview / Source code

Website technology

This website is powered by Jekyll, a static site generator that compiles raw assets such as Markdown files into a deployment ready website that allows for secure, efficient hosting without PHP, MYSQL or downtime.

  • Completely static
  • Mobile-first design
  • Hosted on AWS S3, AWS CloudFront CDN (99.9% SLA)
  • Secured by SSL Certificate

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