Fit-A-Seal ERP

for Fit-A-Seal GmbH
Emsbüren, Germany

Welcome, my name is Franz Geffke. I help organizations such as fitaseal succeed online: Increase reach and revenue, sharpen customer focus and lower aquisition cost - If you think it's time to grow, contact me.

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The challenge

Fit-A-Seal and it’s franchisees were in need of a ERP to coordinate internal processes, improve customer management and increase insights with company wide report on everything from customer acquisition to quotes and warehouse processes.

What I did

  1. Implementation of ERP
  2. Customization of acquisition and sales processes
  3. Authoring and maintenance of manual (in german)
  4. Staff training

The online manual features numerous video tutorials and adapts to the size of your screen. Feel free to browse at


  • Open Source CRM (incl. acquisition pipeline)
  • Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoice (incl. custom calculation, signature)
  • Warehousing, order processes
  • Detailed permission, Franchisee companies, central article registrar
  • Reporting on all process
  • GDPR compliant

Website technology

  • PHP, Python
  • Hosted on AWS EC2, AWS SES, AWS Route53
  • Mobile-ready design
  • Open source
  • Secured by SSL Certificate

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