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  • Section for news and announcements
  • Focused event section with upcoming and past events
  • Past events feature image galleries with 100’s of images
  • Register for MGS German Language Course online
  • Search entire library online
  • Mobile ready

The section of the German Language Center not only features a list of all available courses online but also allows for easy online-registration, minimizing paperwork and hours spend copying.

The Malaysian-German Society hosts hundreds of events throughout the year. It is important for the society to communicate these dates with members and the public to ensure high interest and attendance. The new website makes it even easier for MGS Staff to add new events publicly - so it’s not only easier to find them but large events such as the yearly German Octoberfest are often shared on social media or other sites, linking back to MGS.

Event category pages list all upcoming and recent past events. Past events often feature image galleries with hundreds of amazing shots.

The new website features a state of the art library. Visitors can check for the availability of all of the societies books online. Previously the only way to find out whether a book was available or even part of the library was only possible on-site or via phone.

Website technology

The MGS Website is powered by EllisLab ExpressionEngine 2 Core.

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  • Running on PHP/Apache trough a NGINX Proxy
  • Responsive design
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