About Me

My Name is Franz Geffke - I was born and raised in East Germany but today my home is anywhere between Europe, the Middle-East and Southeast-Asia. New experiences and culture draw me to travel to, and live in different countries all around the world - With stronger foreign ties come a different, new perspective on all aspects of life and business which I continue to embrace.

Apart from my travels, I’m a privacy advocate and supporter of technologies and ideas that help promote personal freedom, decentralize certain aspects of power, and are easily accessible to everyone - now or in the near future.

Whenever I’m not working, I like to disconnect and return a different era - with crackling vinyls and glowing amplifiers.

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My work covers a variety of aspects but to summarize, I help organizations increase their reach and revenue by optimizing their product, online presence and backend-end processes. I have clients ranging from startup and small business to international powerhouses and charities.

  • GEW, UK
  • On Air, Canada
  • Lingel Windows, Germany
  • FiltaFry, Germany
  • Fit-A-Seal, Germany
  • Sky-Hype, Luxembourg
  • Malaysian-German Society, Malaysia
  • German Windows, Malaysia
  • Panther MPC, Ireland
  • Aswar Perfumes, Dubai
  • AEE, Germany
  • The Running Awards, UK
  • NEX Inotec, Thailand
  • Paramount Student, Turkey
  • Softmax, Thailand
  • GAT Investment Group, Dubai

Franz helped shape messaging and design engaging visual content for Global Entrepreneurship Week in the UK, a campaign that includes more than 3,000 events and 300,000 participants. Franz was great to work with, keen to test new ideas and push the work into new and exciting areas. The content he produced was central to a social campaign that was really innovative and effective in generating engagement from diverse audiences across multiple platforms. - Ewan Gaffney, GEW UK

Here’s some of what I do:

  • Execute complex development projects from start to finish
  • Optimize backend processes to reduce staff hours and error rate
  • Increase product awareness, conversion rate, customer base
  • Marketing Automation, ERP and CRM implementation for SME
  • Investor pitch, seed funding advice, product placement

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System Development

Business Intelligence

Tech Stack

I have over 13 years experience; Here’s what I’ve been working with, over the past year:

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