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for Q-Windows Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Welcome, my name is Franz Geffke. I help organizations such as qwindows succeed online: Increase reach and revenue, sharpen customer focus and lower aquisition cost - If you think it's time to grow, contact me.

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The challenge

Google Adwords has allowed Q-Windows Malaysia to actively pursue new clients and drive more traffic to their new, mobile-ready website but only few visitors got in touch and ad expenses kept rising.

What I did

In an effort to capture leads from Google Adwords and Facebook ads, I have come up with a custom landing page.

To maximize efficiency, I’m using analytics, heat mapping and traditional A/B testing to increase our conversion rate and thus maximize ROI on ad-spend. In the meantime, I’m reducing overall Google Adwords campaign cost and ensure we target the right audience, with matching keywords.

The effects

We’ve seen improvements across the board:

  • Ad expenditure is down by 60% without impact on number of enquiries
  • Exit rate is down 21% (89% to 68%)
  • Average visit duration is up by 1.47 minutes
  • Conversion rate is at 7.2% for new visitors

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