Unofficial Litecoin Roadmap

I’ve come to realize that there’s no public roadmap of what’s to come over the next couple of months, so I’ve put together what I’ve found around the internet as well as on the last, official roadmap from 2016 (pdf).

Edit: The official Litecoin roadmap has been published on

Litecoin roadmap 2017 / 2018

Date What Links
01.05.2017 Litcoin now works with Bitcoin library for the .NET framework [1] [2]
03.05.2017 Coinbase adds support for Litecoin
10.05.2017 SegWit activation on Litecoin (Block 1201536) [1]
10.05.2017 mSIGNA adds Litecoin support [1] [2]
N/A Initial production run of Lightning on Litecoin [1] [2]
2018/2019 Lightning Network activation (initially Vertcoin) [1]
N/A Confidential Transactions [1] [2]
N/A Smart Contracts Solution (MAST) [1] [2]
N/A Schnorr signatures [1]
N/A TumbleBit [1]
N/A Port Litecoin to Lamassu ATMs [1]
N/A LiteVault V2 multi-signature and BTC-LTC conversion [1]
N/A Atomic Swaps [1]
N/A Covenants [1]
N/A Colored Coins [1]
N/A Smart Crypto-Vault [1]

Because a lot of this tech was initially meant for Bitcoin, there are only few articles that specifically mention Litecoin. Fortunately, the tech behind these two coins is relatively similiar, so Litecoin users can now, with minimal porting, take advantage of many of the features that have originally been designed for post-SegWit Bitcoin.

Litecoin network status

I will add entries as I discover them. I cannot guarantee that all information presented is correct / up to date. Last update: 31.01.2018. If you have anything to add / change, leave a comment below. Thanks!