Install these two privacy enhancing browser plugins

There are two browser plugins which I consider must-have’s. Not only do they eliminate advertising and cut down on unnecessary tracking, they also help reduce the website’s size and speed-up your internet connection AND make your browser more responsive.

How do they speed up my browsing experience?

Easy: Most websites come with a lot of tracking software that monitor your browsing behavior, what you look at, click - where you came from. All these add to these size of the webpage you’re looking at.


These plugins work on Chrome, Firefox and Safari (don’t use Safari!)

1. uBlock A fast, lightweight, and lean blocker.

2. Privacy Badger Blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.

Update: 2017-08-01

Comparitech has published a detailed comparison of the various, free anti-tracking browser extentions. It’s definitely worth checking out: How to stop browser tracking: 6 free anti-tracking browser extensions

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