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What is DGX?

DGX is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency backed by physical gold stored in Singapore. That means, 1 DGX = 1g (99.99 LBMA) gold which, at the time of writing, is valued at $43.24 USD or 0.1157 ETH.

The advantages are huge:

  • Unlike other cryptocurrencies DGX is backed by a physical assets
  • Unlike USDT (backed by USD), DGX has no fractional reserves
  • DGX can be stored on virtually any Ethereum compatible wallet
  • Unlike gold, it’s very easy, fast and cheap to transfer DGX

DGX 100g gold asset certificate

Where can you buy DGX?

DGX is available trough the Digix Marketplace.

  • Registration is straightforward
  • DGX may be purchased using ETH (Ethereum) only
  • The Digix Marketplace is compatible with the Ledger Nano S
  • The current supply is limited to 10,000 DGX (10,000g of gold)

Digix Marketplace Statistics

The only exchange that supports DGX as DGX/ETH trading pair is EtherDelta, a decentralized Ethereum & Ethereum token exchange. Unfortunately there’s virtually no liquidity.

How do I sell DGX?

  • Have the piece of gold shipped to you (100+ DGX)
  • EtherDelta

Update: 2018-06-08

A number of new services support DGX:

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