On Air Audio Studios Inc.

Welcome, my name is Franz Geffke. I help organizations such as On Air Audio Studios Inc. succeed online: Increase reach and revenue, sharpen customer focus and lower aquisition cost and integrate with AI - If you think it's time to grow, contact me.

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We were long overdue for a complete website overhaul and we found DKKMA through a local forum. Not only did the website need an entire rebuild but we also wanted to incorporate a new e-commerce element which is still fairly new for our industry. Franz and the DKKMA team were great to work with from start to finish. Customer service was very prompt and friendly, the work ethic was very high throughout, and we are very happy with our final product. We as a company knew specifically what we wanted (and didn’t want) and we thankfully had someone like Franz who had the patience and knowledge to turn our vision into reality. Being a business in Canada, we had our reservations on working with a company in the UK but with frequent Skype meetings and prompt email response, Franz made us feel like he could’ve been just down the street. Thank you DKKMA for all your great work!
- Bruce Crews OnAir Team