This website is completely static. There’s no CMS, PHP, MYSQL, Ruby, … - It’s all plain, old .html files hosted on Amazon’s CloudFront CDN (Content Delivery Network).


Unlike the remaining 99% of the web, this website only contains one tracking snippet: I’m running my own analytics server so the fact that you’ve visited remains a secret between you and me. But really, unlike Google (Analytics), I respect your privacy and don’t use the data for anything other than to know that you’ve visited.

If you don’t even want me to know that you’re visiting, you can opt-out below:


This website also connects to three, external API’s. To retrieve comments, to get the latest weather and to download the required set of maps to make this site look as good as it does.

  2. Weather
  3. Maps:

Your Data

Depending on how you interact with this website, different data will be submitted.

Just visting

Unless your browser is set to “Do Not Track”, your visit will be recorded in my Manotog, a self-hosted, open-source analytics software.

  • 1 byte of your IP address is anonymized
  • no data is shared with 3rd parties

Leaving a comment

If you’re leaving a comment, you submit your email address and chosen password to Talk, a self-hosted, open source commenting software. There’s no additional tracking, and your data will never leave the software. It will only be used to authenticate you against the service.

  • uses email address and password to authenticate you
  • no data is shared with 3rd parties

Getting in touch

If you’re sending me a message trough the contact form, your submission will be send to my Email. My Emails are hosted with Fastmail, an Australian Email provider that complies with GDPR.

  • your data is stored in my Fastmail account
  • your data is not being analyzed, processed or stored elsewhere
  • no data is shared with 3rd parties