How-To connect FreeIPA LDAP with Atlassian Crowd


This guide assumes that you have configured FreeIPA (default) and Crowd.


Here’s what works:

  • name, username, password, groups
  • sync updates from LDAP
  • write updates to LDAP from crowd (untested)

1) FreeIPA

  1. Add a new user, ex.: ‘crowd’ and assign a password
  2. Make sure the user is in the group ‘ipausers’

2) Crowd

  1. Add directory with the type ‘Connector’
  2. Give it a name and configure as follows


Connector: Generic Directory Server
URL: ldap://
Base DN: dc=domain,dc=com
Username: uid=[new IPA user, ex.: crowd],cn=users,cn=accounts,dc=domain,dc=com
Password: [password of new IPA user]

The remaining parameters are default.

User Configuration

User DN: cn=accounts
User object class: inetorgperson
User object filter: (objectclass=inetorgperson)
User name attribute: uid
User name RDN attribute: cn
User first name attribute: givenName
User last name attribute: sn
User display name attribute: displayName
User email attribute: mail
User group attribute: memberOf
User password attribute: userPassword
User unique identifier attribute: uidnumber (untested)

Group configuration

Group DN: cn=accounts
Group object class: ipausergroup
Group object filter: (objectclass=ipausergroup)
Group name attribute: cn
Group description attribute: description
Group members attribute: member

3) Copy Crowd users to LDAP

  1. [in Crowd] Users
  2. Import users
  3. Directory importer

That’s it, pretty straight forward from here.

Alternatively you can ignore the Crowd directory, as long as the users are in LDAP. If their Jira / Confluence name matches with the one in FreeIPA LDAP (, they can login with their new LDAP details right away, and continue working under the same account.

3) Activate Directory

In order to use the newly added directory for authentication, here’s what you do:

  1. Applications
  2. [Name of Application]
  3. Directories and Groups
  4. Add the newly created directory, and move it to the top (prioritize)

That’s in. FreeIPA LDAP - Crowd - Jira / Confluence - Happiness

What’s next?

  1. Connect FreeIPA LDAP with Atlassian Crowd - You are here
  2. Configure FreeIPA LDAP with Matrix
  3. Configure FreeIPA with GitLab LDAP
  4. Jira 1-click installation script (MYSQL, HTTPS, NGINX reverse)
  5. Confluence 1-click installation script (MYSQL, HTTPS, NGINX reverse)

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